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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy something “off the shelf” or something in stock?

Yes. We currently stock Bulk Containers and Lids,Plastic Corrugated Sheets in stock sizes, and we also offer two (2) standard items; File Box with or without hangers and a Nestable Tote that is postal style / size.  We are currently working on a "Stock Box" product line featuring standard size and style boxes and containers.

How much does _____ on the website cost?

We do offer "In Stock" products that have standard pricing.  The custom products listed on our website are from projects made specifically for other customers in the past and are for ideas mainly. We offer 48x72 hour pricing turnaround after product requirements are determined. Please contact us for a quote request and one of our representatives will get back to you to begin the quotation process.

Do you have a Minimum Order amount?

Since we are a custom packaging company we do not have a quantity minimum. Our minimum is based on a dollar amount - $250 for non manufactured (In-Stock) items and $500 for manufactured (custom) items. All minimums do not include shipping finished product or any tooling that is needed for the project.

How many round trips will the PP Corrugate last versus paper corrugate?

We would like to say that we know exactly how many more times, but from experience we have learned that it really depends on how the boxes are treated in the field. An approximate guide line is that a PP Box will last at the very least, 20 times longer than a paper box.  Use our Returnable Packaging Calculator to determine how many trips need to get a return on your investment.

Is plastic more expensive or less expensive than paper corrugate?

If you are going to be using the box multiple times, the plastic corrugate should be less than the paper - if it is a one time trip – the plastic will be more expensive. On average a PP Box is 4-10 times more expensive than a paper box. (depending on style and square footage of material). On average our customer experience a 40% to 70% savings on the overall cost of integrating a returnable packaging program.  Please use our Returnable Packaging Calculator to determine you current costs and find out how long it will take to pay off returnables in you system.

What colors are available for my project?

There is a large variety of colors in the PP Plastic Corrugated world - for Amatech we have Basic, Standard and Premium Colors. Basic = Black, (royal) Blue and White Standard = Natural (semi transparent), Yellow, Gray, Green and Ivory (3000 sq. ft. minimum) Premium = Red, Orange, Silver, Purple, Brown, Green Blue and Navy Blue (5,000 sq. ft. minimum) Please look and our Plastic Corrugated sheets in our In-Stock page or contact us for color availability.

Can you print on the PP material?

Yes - we can print (screen printing) on the Polypropylene. Depending on the quantity of boxes (totes / dunnage) that needs to be quoted – we sometimes do recommend labels instead of printing due to cost of printing. A clear label with colored print on colored plastic looks really good and is something that we highly recommend.

Can you clean the Polypropylene?

As long as you do not have a laminated material on the PP – you can wash, clean and dry this material very easily.

How much weight will a PP Corrugated box hold?

This depends on the material and the design used for your project. If you give us the weight at the time of the quote, we will design the packaging to hold the weight needed.

What information do we need to design your packaging?

There is a lot of information needed to design and quote the proper packaging with the proper material to hold, protect and ship (store) product. To ensure an accurate design, quotation and ultimate development of a product that will successfully hold, protect and ship / store you product, we require the following information:

Weight of the part / product being packaged?
Number of parts / product being put into the packaging?
Quantity of boxes, dunnage or items you would like quoted?
What is the MAX weight that the box / dunnage will need to support? (for example, will they be stacked on top of one another with product in them?)
What style of box / dunnage would you like quoted? (if you are unsure, our sales staff will be happy to help you decide what would work best for your project)
Do you have any pictures or designs of the product you are packaging?