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Returnable Packaging Manufacturing Locations

Amatech has two state-of-the-art returnable packaging manufacturing facilities which gives us the flexibility to handle projects for companies all over the United States. Our original facility, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, features specialized machinery and the packaging engineers needed to exceed customers’ expectations. Since establishing the Erie location in 1989, we continue to evaluate and incorporate new technologies that will increase our efficiency.

When choosing the location for our second returnable packaging manufacturing facility, we selected Columbus, Ohio in order to be centrally located in the midst of diversified industry. Over the past several years, Columbus has demonstrated again and again its commitment to research, innovation, and on-time shipping of quality product.

Locations Map
Erie Facility

1460 Grimm Drive
Erie Pa 16501
P:888-321-5445 ext 210

Columbus Facility

1633 Woodland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43219
P: 888-321-5445 ext 210