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Corrugated Plastic Returnable Packaging

Amatech's durable and cost-efficient returnable packaging products can reduce the shipping and storage costs for companies in almost any type of industry. We’re experienced in custom designing returnable packaging products to meet specific customer needs, and take pride in how often we exceed our clients’ expectations. Ranging from containers to dunnage and beyond, our returnable packaging products reflect where high quality meets cost efficiency.

Boxes & Totes Stackable Totes RSC HSC DSC RETF RETT Tray Bins Nestable Totes

Our boxes, containers, and totes made from plastic corrugated can be custom designed to meet your needs or produced to be in a standard size or style. We can make boxes that collapse, Totes that have lids, trays and totes that are nestable, and totes that are stackable. Most important is that our boxes, totes and trays are durable and cost effective.

Dividers, Partitions & Foam Dividers Partitions Inserts Foam Rails Diecuts Waterjet Foam Layer Pad

We design and produce our dividers, partitions, and foam products to protect your product in any industrial environment. We custom fit our dunnage to hold your part inside of a sleeve, container, or handheld tote. We offer many laminates and foams to provide you with top notch class A protection if needed.

Waterjet Cutting Water Laser Cutting

Our water jet foam cutter is computer-driven that is capable of producting intricate shapes and profiles. It uses non-metallic materials such as XLPE foams and HDPE that is accurate and consistent. Water jet cutters are easy to set up and program. Efficient nesting software is used to maximize material yields, lowering your cost. We can enable design changes to be made from prototypes to final product resulting in shorter lead-times.

Paper Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Carton Dividers Triplewall Sleeves

We offer paper corrugated products such as boxes, gaylords, cartons, and dividers at a competitive price. We offer many types of paper corrugated to fit your specific needs. We can integrate our foam products into these products that work great for service packaging in many industries.

Steel Racks & Carts Steel Racks and Carts with Plastic Dividers Foam

We design and manufacture custom steel rack systems from the ground up to fit many parts from many industries. We integrate our plastic corrugated and/or foam products to meet you specific shipping, storage, or WIP (work in process) needs.

Sleeve Packs Sleeves Plastic Gaylords Pallets Divider Inserts

Amatech produces plastic corrugated sleeves and gaylords for many applications from shipping crushed cans to shipping automotive and medical products. Our sleeves are custom designed to fit wood or plastic pallets. We offer full pack sets which include sleeve, pallets, and internal dunnage (if needed).

Polyurea Polyurea

We use Polyurea coating on foam packaging to create membranes on dunnage that protects our components. This is ideal for the products that require extra cushioning for a delicate, expensive product. We understand that our customer needs exceptional packaging so that products arrive as expected, right from one assembly line to the next. Polyurea provides impressive protection from water, scratches and a bumpy ride to its destination.

Materials & Accessories Materials Plastic Corrugated Coroplast Laminates Foams XLPE PE Labels Handles Steel

We can design and fabricate packaging, dunnage and containers in a wide variety of materials, and offer many accessories to be integrated into the finished product. This wide variety of materials and accessories is just one of the many reasons we have so often exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Bag & Pouch Systems Fabric Bag Dunnage Hanging Cloth Pouches Vinyl Curtains

Amatech designs and supplies custom soft fabric bag and pouch dunnage that can be integrated with hand held totes, bulk containers, and steel racks for shipping and/or work in process applications. We also offer clear curtain covers great for steel racks and containers.