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Returnable Packaging Containers and Lids

Amatech stocks and distributes HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic molded bulk containers and lids in many styles and sizes. ID tags and placards are available upon request. We can also design and produce dunange (dividers, foam, pads) to fit any size container.

Please look at our Container Specs document to see sizes and specs for the containers and lids we offer.


STACKABILITY: positive interlock allows for stacking with or without lids
REINFORCED CORNERS: strong corners for more stacking strength
EASY FORKLIFT ENTRANCE: 4-way forklift entry for easy use of pallet jacks or forklifts
BEVELED FORK STRAPS: for smooth travel on roller conveyors and with pallet jacks
DURABLE SIDEWALL: ribbed pattern for low container weight and load transfer
VISIBLE LABEL AREAS: large areas for identification of work or contents
SANITARY: All containers resistant to extremes of water and sunlight, can be easily cleaned
LID OPTIONS: rugged structural foam lids for more part protection, available in all sizes