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Returnable Packaging Program Management

Amatech will support your program management needs from the research and development stage on through production to after sales management. We work tirelessly with our customers to ensure product and service satisfaction.

A diversified range for all applications

Plastic returnable packaging is strong and durable and enables a considerable improvement in the profitability of logistics flows at all levels of the supply chain.

Particularly suited to any closed logistics network

As soon as a regular circuit between a shipment location and a delivery location is identified, returnable packaging enables a considerable reduction in expenditure and an improvement in short or medium-term profitability.

Optimization of logistics loop

  • Customers experience between 40% and 70% savings on the overall cost when using returnable packaging.
  • Profitability achievable from the 1st year
  • Savings on transport costs are achievable thanks to the light weight of the plastic material
  • Once folded down, our returnable packaging product has an 85% reduction in volume, translating into space and cost savings for storage and return transport.