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Returnable Packaging Sustainability

As a returnable packaging manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and our ability to accommodate to our clients' needs. We understand that every industry has unique needs that must be considered when designing packaging products for them. Our engineers often surpass our clients' expectations by designing packaging products that do a better job of meeting their needs than they thought possible. Our high-quality, cost-saving returnable packaging products have set the standard for industries that require a high level of dependability and safety during shipping and storage. Industries with high value, delicate products such as medicine and electronics depend on us because we design with consideration for their needs.

Automotive Automotive Packaging using Containers Totes Dividers Foam Steel Racks

Amatech provides Automotive packaging ranging from dividers and foam dunnage for hand held totes to steel rack partitions and hanging bag pouches . We can design your returnable packaging to be durable and protect your product in any industrial environment with either actual parts or a virtual model file. All of our plastic corrugated and foam packaging will exceed your expectations.

Agriculture Agricultural Packaging with Totes Boxes Sleeves Bulk Containers

Amatech provides many reusable, lightweight, and moisture resistant containers such as nestable totes and trays, layer pads , collapsible boxes and bulk containers that work great for packing fruits and vegetables in an outdoor or refrigerated environment.

Electronics Electronic Packaging using Anti-Static and Conductive Plastic Corrugated and Foam

Amatech has supplied the Electronics industry with many packaging solutions such as totes and partions made from conductive plastic corrugated and ANTI-static foam diecuts and inserts to give complete protection to electronics products.

Material Handling Material Handling Totes Boxes Trays Cartons Sleeves

Amatech produces a large selection of standard and custom material handling bins and totes used for shipping, storage, and/or work in process (WIP). Our products can replace paper corrugated with a more durable product that is cleaner and lasts 10 times longer.

Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical and Medical Totes Trays RSC DSC and Sleeves

Amatech supports the pharmaceutical and medical industries with plastic corrugated packaging for storage and protection of products like vials, tubes and equipment. We provide clean and reliable packaging for storage and/or shipping.

Appliance Appliance Packaging with Bulk Containers Sleeves Totes Dividers Foam

Amatech meets the demands of the Appliance industry by producing top notch plastic corrugated totes , sleeves and bulk boxes with returnable dividers, foam, and pads . Our packaging products will lead to a significant cost savings in your packaging budget.

Cabinetry Cabinety Packaging Steel Racks and Carts with Divider Inserts

Amatech has provided steel racks with plastic corrugated inserts and dividers to the Cabinetry industry for storage and support of many standard and non-standard cabinet frames and panels. Our racks and partitions weigh 50% less compared to wood inserts making them a safer and more ergonomical solution.

Disaster Relief Disaster Emergency Packaging using Bulk Containers Sleeves Boxes Totes Flooring Pads

Amatech can support the Disaster Relief field with plastic corrugated pads used for flooring, collapsible and reusable shelters and shower stalls, and many boxes and containers used for storage and shipping.

Government/Military Government Military Containers Totes Trays Foam Diecuts and Rails

Amatech can manufacture plastic corrugated and foam packaging for government applications in areas such as aerospace, military, and many other agencies. We can design custom packaging to exceed the rigid requirements of the government.

Retail/Food Retail Food Packaging with Bulk Containers Sleeve RSC Nestable Totes Dividers

Amatech produces many products for retail applications that have a great appearance, support your product, and can withstand outdoor elements. We offer many clean packaging products for the storage and transportation of food applications.