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  • Solid sheet HDPE & UHMW ranges from .062” to 1” thick in natural and black colors
  • We can die-cut or 3-axis router many HDPE & UHMW-PE materials.


What are Solid Sheet HDPE and UHMW - PE utilized best for? 

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) are strong, durable, lightweight, and chemically resistant materials popular for a variety of applications.

  • Cast Iron Parts
  • Heavy metal parts
  • Products with sharp edges
  • Custom-made into any cell configuration or design requested
  • Can withstand the elements better than plastic corrugated. Such as moisture, temperature, and sunlight (UV)


                             Comparison of HDPE & UHMW-PE Property Values                             
0.1 Water Absorption Rating Slight
4,000 Tensile Strength 3,100
200,000 Flexural Modulus 110,000
7 The coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 11.1


Material Properties
Can withstand temperatures of 248°F  High Impact Strength
Good tensile strength  Machinability
Machinability  Low Coefficient of Friction (better wearability)
Low Moisture Absorption Self - lubricating
  Chemical resistant
  Zero water absorption
  High abrasion resistance 

When plastic corrugated isn’t strong enough, this is the best alternative. Works well for side load (pigeon hole) dunnage. Can be engineered for extra support and combined with any plastic corrugated project. It can also be machined into any shape for your specific needs. Utilized in many industries, HDPE and UHMW-PE are highly versatile materials. Both can also be used in conjunction with foams, laminates, or any other returnable packaging materials.

Learn how our 3 Axis Router cuts this amazing material precisely and efficiently!


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