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How Can 3D Printing Benefit Your Business?

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How can 3D printing help you?
Modernize and transform conventional processes by incorporating solutions for manufacturing, design, engineering, inspection quality and beyond. 3D printing allows engineers, designers, managers, and operators to check designs for usability, appearance, fit and function prior to committing to traditional processes. Providing efficiency, accuracy and trust in design.


We have 3D capabilities for prototyping,
R&D, and small lot production. Our in-house 
engineering team and sales team will be 
available for you through the entire process,
offering expertise along the way for
your 3D printed project.

Equipment & Materials: 
3D Printer: MJP 3600 Max
Castable plastic: Grey, Blue, Natural Rigid Plastic 
Durable Clear Plastic
High-Temperature White Plastic

3D printing transforms designs into a physical object.
Whether we create a prototype to ensure your product 
fits perfectly in our custom returnable packaging or we 
create a part to improve process planning - all solutions 
provide cost savings and efficacy to your process.

Industries Applications: 

industries 3D

 Request a 3D Sample Kit!

3d dis

Explore more of about our 3D printing solutions here.  


amatech cubeWant to learn more about how 3D Printing is making a huge impact all over the world? 
Visit 3D Printing Industry for 3D news and more! 


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