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Introducing 3D Printing Capabilities at Amatech

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3D Printing in a Nutshell

Amatech has a large format 3D printer available in our prototype department. After some research, we’ve learned our customers expect the best when choosing us as their returnable packaging provider. We currently have in-house the 3D System 3600 printer which allows us to print from any electronic data file.  We know that getting your hands on a part for packaging can be a challenge. That’s why Amatech has invested in a 3D printer. When we build your package prototype, we can ship the printed part with the sample. This will ensure the packaging will work for your products.

Amatech still offers full virtual package design in our CAD software. This is typically the first step in the process. We can bring in the part data and design a model with your part in the cell to see the packing density and any other critical revisions that might be needed.

3D printing is the newest revolutionary impact in the industrial manufacturing world as well as many other avenues. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. In the additive process, an object is laying down successive layers of material until the object intended is desired. Each of these layers of plastic are thin slices of a horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

How is Amatech using 3D printing technology?

Amatech is breaking the barriers of the past and storming into the future by providing the option of 3D prototype building. Amatech has ensured customers that their packaging needs are being met to the exact specifications, for a flawless execution of the order. By utilizing this revolutionary machine, we can help by saving time, money and manpower on both the purchasing and manufacturing end of your highly sustainable, reusable, returnable packaging.

With the nature of Amatech’s customizable packaging, 3D printing is becoming a helpful tool to get the precision customers expect and is absolutely necessary to nest their product during the shipment and receiving phase of production. The 3D printer at the company’s prototype warehouse, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, has allowed our engineers to build a prototype within the exact dimensions, ensuring the production of packages perfect fit for the requested order.

Quickest Lead Time

There are many stages from start to finish within a manufacturing realm and time is always of the essence. For example, in the past when there was a change of measurements of a product model, a company would have to delay the flow of operation to await a replacement. Before, when sending over the changes for a replacement of the new part to be produced from their manufacturer and waiting for a replacement model, this process took weeks the company could not afford in their schedule. Now, with the 3D printer at Amatech, we are stepping in and cutting out that step to be able to produce those adjustments in just a few days so that your company can continue to be consistent in its efficiency.

We have made process of getting a prototype to maximize the efficiency of your order of reusable packaging even less stressful by offering the use of a scanner to use in the event of a missing CAD file. If you do not have the CAD file from the manufacturer but do have the part, we can create the modifications that your product designers make a long the way. We are able to scan an item and the dimensions are turned into a CAD file for our engineers to make adjustments along the way, without the longer wait time.

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