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Amatech’s returnable, reusable, sustainable totes are made from plastic corrugated plastic. They are strong, long-lasting, and have amazing stacking strength. When using corrugated totes with customized interiors, your products will have superb protection. To meet your specific needs, a wide variety of interior dunnage designs are available and can be designed for different products. The dunnage systems can be made from solid and corrugated plastic. solid and coated foam, die-cut cavities, molded foam, and fabric pouches.

Totes That Meet Your Needs

Strong and Environmentally Friendly

There is a reason USPS uses plastic totes in its workflow. Amatech’s totes can withstand all the elements to make sure the job gets done. Amatech’s totes can withstand constant, high-volume use and the bumps and scrapes that go along with it. Optional steel rod enforcement can make them even stronger and capable of carrying heavier loads. They are lightweight, making them easier to handle, especially with the cut-out handles. They offer an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio and will stand up to the rigors of your company's demands. When implementing reusable totes into your supply chain, you know you are adding value across the board. This can be as simple as not ordering boxes every month, or saving money on the labor that it takes to break down and dispose of cardboard boxes. Save your employees from the dangers of injuring themselves with box cutters or staples cardboard boxes may have. You can expect a cleaner workspace as well since there is no dust emitted like cardboard. And since this is the green age, you can add value to your company by becoming environmentally conscious about the gases cardboard emits in landfills, the water that it takes to recycle, or the simple fact that you are saving oxygen-giving trees from getting cut down. Since plastic corrugated totes are 100% recyclable when the tote has reached the end of its useful service life, it can be ground into new plastic to make more plastic corrugated totes and other products.

Why Amatech’s Totes?

Amatech’s totes are intended to last multiple uses. If treated properly, some companies get 100+ uses or more per tote. Since corrugated plastic totes last much longer than cardboard, you can save your business money. The initial investment is higher than cardboard but with the many expected uses from each tote, the return on investment is worth it.  Your product is unique and that’s Amatech’s specialty. Amatech makes custom packaging, so all orders are treated as such. Amatech’s totes are also weatherproof, withstanding water, snow, and extreme temperatures. We can make the totes stackable to maximize storage and factory line efficiency. Stack-ability also aids in loading and unloading, while still holding their shape compared to cardboard!

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