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Happy New Year: Start Your Year with Returnable Packaging

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Happy New Year from Amatech!

Have you considered a new year resolution for your company? The New Year marks the beginning of a measureable time period in your company’s business accounting. When was the last time expenditures were evaluated within your company? Companies are throwing away money that could easily be spent investing in other departments of your business or could be straight profit for the company! Many expenses are overlooked as they have been thrown in some overhead account and ignored, like the resolution you made last year. Make a resolution this year to invest in reusable packaging! Try our savings calculator to evaluate you expenditures-remember the initial investment may be expensive but the long term pay off is well worth it! The onetime expense could cut out expendable packaging, packing materials and dunnage. With these cost savings you can also reduce the expense of disposal of the expendable packages. Another benefit is beginning the year with another green-environmentally friendly implication into your supply chain, because reusable, returnable plastic corrugated products will yield you more than one use!  Contact us today!

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