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Smart Packaging. Smart Solutions.

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In this post, we dive into how Amatech offers smart packaging with the result of providing smart solutions our client can continuously rely on. We will walk through several of our products and offer a more in-depth look into how these solutions offer value to your returnable packaging program. Whether you currently have a returnable packaging program in place or are looking to integrate one into your supply chain, our intention is to offer the information you need to help you move toward the right solution for your products' journey. 

Smart Packaging Is: 

  1. Rolled Edge Technology: What is rolled edge technology? It is a method when we roll laminate over the top edge of plastic corrugated. We developed this technology because it has proven to be superior over other methods, such as a sewn edge. Our technology offers two types of benefits: product protection and assists in operator safety. There are many types of laminates that different industries use for product protection. Learn more about how our technology and which type of laminate can benefit your returnable packaging program.
  2. Solid Sheet HDPE: HDPE (high-density polyethylene) provides durable returnable packaging solutions with the bonus of extended longevity. Select products may wear down plastic corrugated returnable packaging more quickly than you, as our client, would want. The rugged properties of HDPE benefit heavy duty products with protection that these types of products call for. Does your product need the extra durability of HDPE to make its journey through the supply chain successfully?  See a more comprehensive view on HDPE here. 
  3. Custom Sized Totes: When molded totes are not available in the size you need - that's when you go with custom. Our custom sized totes are easily modified, accessorized, designed to fit your footprint, come in various colors, they are nestable or stackable - designed and manufactured to adapt to your returnable packaging needs. Custom made, it's what we do - for you. Check out our custom totes here
  4. Polyurea Coating: Polyurea coating offers benefits to your foam returnable packaging like durability and longevity. We strive to meet the needs of our clients. If you ask for polyurea coating we have it. Another value-added solution from your smart packaging people. To learn about the added benefits of polyurea coating - click here now! 
  5. Custom Dividers: We know custom dividers. They are an integral part of many returnable packaging programs. If you have a need for dividers in your program we will help you put in motion. Dividers provide benefits such as ease of counting parts, part orientation for improved ergonomics for line operators, shipping advantages, product protection and more. We are ready to help you optimize your supply chain. There are many combinations and variations of dividers - take a deeper look at dividers here.
  6. Sleeve Packs: More durable, more diverse, customizable, they knock down for return trips and for ease of storage. With our custom sleeve packs - you just get more! When a bulk container just won't work - a custom sleeve may be the right choice. Learn more about how this solution can benefit your returnable packaging program.
  7. Bags & Curtains: If you have a niche returnable packaging need, our bag systems may be the right choice for you. Our curtains come in extremely handy to help minimize dust coming into contact with your products while also helping to keep your product securely in its returnable packaging. Head over to this page to take a look at these added value options.
  8. Steel Racks: Customizable, built to last, they hold heavy and large parts, stackable. These are just a few attributes that make steel racks the solution our customers choose for their returnable packaging program. Want to learn more? Click here

Our packaging is smart. You might be wondering, why is it smart? Our expert team of engineers, production crew, and project managers have the experience that will move your returnable packaging program forward. There are times when our team is provided with a vision from our client. For example, our clients may send us a technical drawing they ask us to then recreate. We are honest with our clients - we may illustrate to them that the original design is over-engineered. What that means is a pack that is presented to us, that had foam in an original design, we may discover, through our process, that it does not need this piece. In other words, it is clear to us that it will not add any additional value to their returnable pack. With that being said, we present this to our client, produce a prototype for their testing purposes, which in turn gives the understanding that in fact, the foam was not needed for this particular returnable pack. This, in the end, could lead to cost savings. Our client's do not pay for something that we know is not necessary for their products' journey. Conversely, we may add a material, change the material completely, or substitute material. We again, produce a prototype for testing, so our client has complete trust in these changes. This also could lead to cost savings as their product is thoroughly protected thus resulting in less product damage waste while traveling through the supply chain. 

Our expert team is what makes our packaging smart. Bring that together with high-quality materials and our tried-and-true process - you are provided with smart solutions that will assist in moving your mission forward.  Let's move forward together.