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We are Proud to Introduce - Amatech's New Website

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Amatech's history stretches back over 20 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing returnable packaging. As time has gone on, we continue to grow and evolve with the times. The goal in mind is to be as progressive as possible. Not only with our engineering, design and manufacturing practices but also with how we communicate with you.  Our website is a very important piece of this. We kept you, our customer, at the forefront of our minds in the planning, design and development stage when we created our new site. 
Today we are launching a new fully responsive site. Built and designed on a platform that provides robust features, our new site will now be a living and breathing resource. We wanted it not only to be visually appealing and easy to navigate; it had to be chock full of product information. We found it highly important to provide you with plenty of visuals and in-depth product information so you know that we are fully equipped to design, engineer, and manufacture your next vision. We wanted to showcase the fact that you have a wide variety of options to cover any need your project has. If you have any questions about what we offer and how Amatech serves you-you can find it on our site. With interactive product photo galleries, rich product descriptionslive social media feeds (Instagram & Twitter), blog, testimonialsglossary of termse-newsletter sign uppress and more - the new site was designed to educate, communicate, delight and serve our audience.


Accessibility to us for our customers was a priority as well. You have the capability to chat live with a Sales Engineer for quick service. You also have the option to fill out a form to ask us a question or request a quote. You can also and always just give us a call. 

We made our product pages easier to browse by grouping and cross-pollinating as much as possible. For instance, when you're browsing the Dividers and Partitions page, you'll see dividers for all of our product sections, an array of protective and heavy duty material options, and of course, our lamination options. All things Dividers is now at your fingertips.

Our new blog makes it much easier to stay up-to-date on Amatech news as it's built right into the site. Posts about products, community outreach, case studies and more will now be a part of our blog. Feel free to rate or comment on posts that you find interesting. We love to hear what our customers have to say.

The site’s navigation contains the breadcrumbs element which allows you to quickly go back to the main category of the section you're currently visiting. 

Joining our Team also has gotten a lot easier. Take a look at Careers or if you're a Distributor - you now have a page all your own - you can request a sample kit, watch some Amatech educational short videos, browse the new glossary, download our brochure and MORE! This page was designed to provide the resources you need to build your business. 

We launched this for all of you because we appreciate you and want you to have the absolute best service. We want to make doing business with us as seamless as possible. Be sure to browse, click, share on social media and come back often. New product photos, blog posts, testimonials, new glossary terms and more will be changing all the time. 







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Our Vision

Amatech, Inc. will continue to build long term financial stability through growth in diversified markets, innovative products, and operational excellence with a continuing commitment to our customers and employees.

Our Mission

Innovation plus adaptability is the formula we use to provide continued satisfaction to every customer. That is the central focus of our business. 

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