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Why Amatech is Amazing. Featuring: President, David Amatangelo

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We talk about our products, services, and how we manufacture your returnable packaging on an ongoing basis. In this series, we want to touch upon some questions that go beyond our products.  We want to share with you, from multiple levels of our organization, why we think Amatech is Amazing. In the first of this series, we are featuring, David Amatangelo. He's not only the President, but he is our founder. His brilliance for understanding the opportunity that was, in 1989, and with his extensive knowledge and innovation, he brought Amatech to where it is today. Let's take a look at why David thinks Amatech is Amazing. 

Q: What makes us stand out from the rest? 

A: Response time to questions, quotes, doing exactly what we said we would do. If there is an issue, we advise our customers ASAP! Not only do we let them know what the issue is, we advise how we're going to rectify the situation. 

Q: How will we sustain our values into the future? 

A: By keeping the customer first, trying hard not to become complacent, or, taking for granted that we deserve to be in business. We have to make sure all of our employees recognize we're here because our customers have given us their business, made a returnable packaging investment with us, AND came back to us because they were treated like a valued customer. 

Q: Why is working with distributors a plus for Amatech? 

A: Because they are also our customers. They can formulate relationships with organizations that we can't, offering returnables and optimizing supply chains across more verticle markets than we can. We treat them just as I said above in my answer to sustaining our values into the future. They are our customers and we truly value them as such. 

Q: Why do you personally like working at Amatech? 

A: That one is easy, I own the place, but I want everyone to feel like an owner. To truly feel like they are an important part of Amatech. 

As you can see, David's perspective is truly all about our customer as well as, employee satisfaction. We'll be featuring quite a few of our employees in this series. So be sure to stay tuned in to see why we believe Amatech is Amazing! 

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Amatech, Inc. will continue to build long term financial stability through growth in diversified markets, innovative products, and operational excellence with a continuing commitment to our customers and employees.

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Innovation plus adaptability is the formula we use to provide continued satisfaction to every customer. That is the central focus of our business. 

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