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Class A Surfaces: Product Protection Comes First

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We talk about Class A surfaces often and by often that means constantly. What does Class A really mean? This term has a huge impact on how we design your returnable pack. It's a commonly used term in the automotive industry and in other industries as well. Countless products in the market place have Class A surfaces. We are going to utilize the automotive industry as an example for the purpose of this post. We'll walk you through what Class A surface means and how Amatech is essential in the big picture.


carYour standing outside of a car what do you see? You sit inside of a car what do you see? In the automotive industry, Class A surfaces are created on all visible exterior surfaces (ex; body panels, bumper, grill, lights etc.) and all visible surfaces of see-touch & feel parts in the interior (ex: dashboard, seats, door pads etc.). This can also include beauty covers in the engine compartment, mud flaps, trunk panels, and carpeting. All of these parts with Class A surfaces absolutely cannot be scratched, marred, or blemished in any way. These are all the surfaces that draw a consumer to the car. When a consumer looks at a new car from the outside - his eyes follow all of the lines of the vehicle, the bumper, grill, lights, side view mirrors. Then they take the car for a test drive. They sit in the driver's seat, grab the steering wheel -  their eyes move over the dashboard, down to the sound system, over to the doors, then to the seats. If any of these surfaces are damaged, do you think the consumer will purchase that particular vehicle? How does the automotive industry ensure their Class A surface parts will be in pristine condition when their cars are being assembled? That's where Amatech comes in. Our returnable packaging such as containers, boxes, totes - with dividers, polyurea coated products, waterjet cut foam, all can be designed, engineered and manufactured with product surface protection in place. Whether it's a plastic corrugated divider with polyurea coating, a polyurea coated waterjet cut foam kitting pack, a divider with a laminate applied, or a solid sheet HDPE divider - these options make sure Class A surfaces are protected. Whether these parts are in transit moving through the supply chain or used in work in progress (WIP) applications (moving within the plant on the assembly line); protection is essential so every vehicle is delivered to the consumer purchase ready.  


Other industries where you see Class A surfaces:



Product design application:

In the product design realm, Class A surfacing can be applied to such things like housing for industrial appliances that are injection molded, home appliances, highly aesthetic plastic packaging defined by highly organic surfaces, toys, computer hardware, cell phones or furniture.

Aerospace design application:

Aerospace has styling and product design considerations in interiors like bezels for air vents and lights, interior roof storage racks, seats and cockpit area etc. 

We hope this provides the insight you need on Class A surfaces and how Amatech provides these sensitive products with top-notch protection.  Do you have a Class A surface part that needs protecting? We have the solution. 




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