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Amatech is known for its unique, customizable Reusable, Sustainable, and Returnable packaging. Nothing is out of a catalog at Amatech. When your package is designed, it is created to satisfy your specific needs. Our sales team is much more than just sales, they're creators.

If you are in the process of or considering the transition from an existing expendable package to reusable packaging, we are here to assist. At Amatech, we know that what works for some does not work for others. For instance, a certain shaped corrugated box might work well in your assembly line, so it makes sense to replicate that box with a plastic corrugated box with the exact dimensions and bells & whistles for a seamless introduction to your process.

A basic sales process has been established to better prepare you to place your order with Amatech. Not only will the information make your task of ordering easier, but you will also streamline the turnaround time. Once we have this information, we can begin working on the concept which may include a 3D drawing, a quote, and an estimated completion date. Production does not begin until the prototype is approved, credit is approved, and a PO is received. After all requirements are satisfied, you can expect your order within 4-6 weeks.

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Be Prepared: Common questions asked during consultation

The following are some expected questions that will be asked and will help you better prepare for your order:

  • What is going into the package?
  • What is the size of the part or product that needs packaging?
  • What is the overall size of the package that will work for the application? Is the size the outside or inside diameter?
  • What is the overall size of the fleet of containers needed?
  • How many parts/products do you ideally want to be inside a package?
  • How many total packages will you need?
  • Are there any special features of the part? (i.e. special surfaces, type of material)
  • How much weight will be going into a box?
  • What kind of flaps does the box require: top or bottom?
  • Will the box require any printing?
  • Do the boxes need handles or handholds?
  • Will the boxes be stacked? If so, how high?
  • Is there an existing expendable packaging that works for you? We may be able to replicate it.
  • Will the boxes be a one-time use or will these be knocked down to be sent back and reused?
  • When will this project need to be quoted, sampled, and produced?
  • Is there an acceptable cost level/budget you need to stay within?

There is no such thing as having too much information available to the sales team. Because every package is customized, there may be more questions to be answered that suit your particular order. Regardless if you are prepared for the phone call or not, the Amatech sales team is here to help using their years of knowledge and experience. This collection of questions is here for reference and is not required to place an order. We know you may need time to get the information together after making the initial call. Some team members have twenty years of experience and have put together countless projects during their tenure at Amatech. Do not hesitate, let the professionals guide you to your transition to reusable, returnable packaging with Amatech!

Are you ready to get started with Returnable Packaging?

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Amatech, Inc. will continue to build long term financial stability through growth in diversified markets, innovative products, and operational excellence with a continuing commitment to our customers and employees.

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Innovation plus adaptability is the formula we use to provide continued satisfaction to every customer. That is the central focus of our business. 

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