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What We Need to Get Your Project Started

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In recent blog posts, we have reviewed what our process looks like for your purchasing journey. Our team is here to ask the right questions, supply the right resources - taking your purchasing journey into account and viewing it through a wide view lens. Our job is to assess all variables in order to optimize your customer experience while also minimizing gaps in your path to purchase. So what helps get your project moving in the right direction? This blog post is going to walk you through the foundational information we need from you to get the ball rolling. 

It is truly all about discovery for our Sales Engineers when they are first established as your one point of contact. There are four easy steps so we can learn more about you and what your project vision is.

Step 1: 

We need the basics - your name, company name, and your contact information.

Step 2: 

This step is all about the product that you need to get packaged. The information you should have handy is the product name with a description/use, product number (if applicable), product size (LXWXH), product weight, and product surface. The product surface is highly important because we need to know if it's Class A. Meaning, your product is a sensitive product that cannot be scratched or marred in any way. Learn more about what Class A surface means here. The final piece in the second step is will you supply us with the part for prior fit and function for prototype design? Or instead, will you provide the part designs to us? 

Step 3:

You may have an idea of what you might be looking for, this is the step where you can let us know. Whether it be a molded container, plastic corrugated sheets, divider/partitions, box, tote, sleeve pack, waterjet cut foam etc. If it is a Class A surface, you may already know that you need laminate applied with our rolled edge technology to further protect your product in transit. 

Step 4: 

This step covers whether or not you will need a prototype of your returnable packaging. Who and where will we ship/send your prototype/quote to. The last piece is we need to know if you have math data or a sketch you can provide. We love sketches and by no means do you need to be a Picasso. A rudimentary or detailed sketch of what your vision is, truly helps your Sales Engineer understand what your needs may be.

The information you provide to us in the discovery stage is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. All of this will assist your Sales Engineer in getting the information they need to get your project on its way to quote. We take it from there and travel your packaging journey with you from discovery to purchase to shipment. It's truly what we do to move solutions forward for you. Do you need to get a project started? All of what we've covered here is right in our Project Discovery form or you can always give us a call!

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