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Financial Benefit of Returnable Packaging

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Profit Margin Evaluation

When was the last time your company evaluated its packaging costs? Or are you currently seeking a new way to save some money on the packaging stage of your supply chain? Now may be the perfect time to look into new implementations. This is a very interesting time period in the history of logistical packaging. As logistical systems evolve and become better organized, they create new opportunities for using packaging innovations to add value and minimize cost across a supply chain. Reusable packaging is one of those innovations, and is becoming the most cost-effective choice for an increasing number of applications. Purchasing managers are reducing costs by conducting value analyses of materials to minimize the overall costs. Implementing environmental considerations into key material management decisions can help improve operating efficiency. By taking a strategic approach to purchasing by implementing reusable packaging, some companies mare significantly improving both their environmental profile and profit margins. Disposal costs alone could be eating at your profit without even realizing it. Disposal of materials represent a large portion of operation expenses and is sometimes overlooked in overhead expenses.

Key Beneficial Factors

Benefits of converting to returnable, reusable packaging include:

  • Reducing damage to product
  • Keeping manufacturing as lean as possible
  • Eliminating packaging waste such as stretch wrap and tape
  • Presenting parts more efficiently to assembly lines
  • Avoiding disposal costs
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Reduced labor costs

ROI Calculator

Amatech has been in business for over twenty years and continuously helps some of the largest companies in America make the transition to returnable, reusable packaging. It can be deterring to some to invest in the upfront costs of the conversion but depending on use of the packaging, the lifeline can range from 5-20 years. For your convenience, Amatech offers the use of a Savings Calculator for you to input your company’s current packaging costs and to project the cost of the conversion.

Contact Amatech today to begin a cost-saving, efficient conversion to returnable, reusable, sustainable packaging.

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