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How Amatech Stays Ahead of the Curve

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As we move through 2020, let's take a look at what is happening in the returnable/reusable/sustainable packaging world. Here, we are going to talk about a few trends and how Amatech stays ahead of the curve. 

  • reduce.reuse
    Reduce, reuse, recycle, and return (or recover).

    We often see these words as we venture out into the world. For those of us who were born before or in the late 70s, we can remember the recycling campaigns advertised and the ones we all took part in. That campaign has continued and only has expanded over almost all industries. Those four words aren't just is a movement. The returnable packaging industry is on the cutting edge of technology and materials in order to accomplish all four of those earth pleasing concepts. Our products for instance, surely cover these and here's how. We reduce the amount of expendable packaging in companies' warehouses and manufacturing facilities - we quite literally, remove expendables from the supply chain. Just one of our boxes saves 100 trees over the course of its life. Wow, talk about reducing waste! We design and manufacture packaging that is specifically made for reuse, over and over and over again! A closed-loop system must be in place for this to work effectively. What is a closed-loop system? It is when our returnable packaging is filled at a manufacturing facility, sent out into the supply chain then it is returned to be filled and make another trip! How awesome really. Our returnable packaging is also made out of recyclable material - self-explanatory there. It of course, as mentioned in the closed-loop explanation, is made to be returned! This trend, we are and have definitely been in line with for 30 years!

  • sleeve packMinimize to maximize.

    We maximize load capacity on a truck as well with our packaging. Our engineering and design team ensures our customers that they will maximize each individual pack so the load on the truck has as many parts on it as possible. While engineers do this, they also make sure that product protection is number one. What does this mean for our customers? Fewer trips have to be made - which then leads to supply chain optimization. We are also very careful not to over-engineer our returnable packaging. We provide added value accessories, however, we truly design in the most practical way possible. Take the sleeve pack to the right for example, we needed to design it to stack as well as hold as many parts as possible AND utilize spun-bond laminate to ensure protection.  We created a solution for our customer that they can continually rely on. 

  • Smart packaging is a fast emerging concept.
    How does Amatech take part? We have been using tracking systems for years. We utilize RFID technology and QR codes for some of our customers.  Upon request, we can implement these tracking abilities for you.  Just ask! 

    Be sure to explore the rest of our website - we are always adding new content and staying ahead of the curve here too! Remember, we are your returnable packaging resource!