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Project Showcase: Quality Product Protection

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We thought it a really good idea to give you some examples of our returnable packaging solutions. We not only want to feature what we can do for you we also want to give you some insight on the markets these solutions serve. Highlighting our stellar team of project managers is the bonus of this blog post.

featuredproject jeff highlevelhealthOur customer, High Level Health, serves the medicinal & recreational cannabis industry. They needed an effective solution to transport their product. One that was returnable, not expendable. Jeffrey Oldakowski, their project manager, and our team of engineers went to work.

The solution is this custom stacking lid box that is secured and can fit 5 tube racks in the divider that is located on the inside. Jeffrey Oldakowski was happy to work with the team at High Level Health so they could get the right solution to transport their product safely.


xworx featuredproject royOur healthcare industry customer needed a solution for a returnable pack that would protect medical instruments.
One of our Amatech project managers, Roy Chilson III, collaborated with them and our engineering team to design the right solution.

The divider below is a material called foam board - the smooth top edges of this #divider protects individuals cuticles who are utilizing the returnable pack. This divider is also interchangeable from 24 to 36 cells.


featuredprpoject brandonOur automotive industry customer needed a solution to keep parts protected so they could distribute them confidently.

Brandon Xander, their Amatech project manager, went to work with our engineering team and designed this tote with waterjet cut foam rails.

To say the least, our customer is pleased and we are happy that we could move this custom solution forward.




joe featuredprojectOur automotive industry customer needed a solution to keep parts protected so they could distribute them confidently.

Our automotive industry customer came to us with a unique part - and incredibly thin part - an engine gasket. They needed a reliable solution to protect it while in transport. We created this divider that is essentially like a file folder divider. Not only did this solution provide them with the protection needed it also has the density they need as well.



revised projectshowcaseThis project showcase is a unique one. The below are divider panels that are inserted into an injection molded tote. The end-user produces metal tools and with this tote and the router cut HDPE panels, they immerse the tools in an acid bath.

Anthony Amatangelo is the customer's project manager and enjoyed this project because it was different than what we do every day.

This serves the market for industrial or material handling - although our #hdpe can be transformed to meet your specifications.


The projects above, managed by our team of project managers, were chosen to illustrate the versatility of our returnable packaging solutions. Notice the markets that are highlighted however, each of them can cross over to various verticals. Our team of engineers will work with your project manager to ensure that your product gets the proper protection for the market that you serve. On a side note, if you don't see your market in our list of markets served, be assured that we serve verticals outside of this list! We will design and manufacture a custom solution for you! See the markets we serve by clicking here. Be sure to explore our dividers, materials, equipment, and more

Your Amatech team is ready when yours is. 

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