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Doubling Our Capacity: Precision Cut Foam

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We truly believe that investing in our clients is easy. It is easy when we know that there is a need for it and when it will lead to continued reliable service. When we do invest in a piece of equipment, expanding our office, adding production space, or hiring additional team members -  careful consideration and planning go into each of these pieces. With that being said, we invested in another waterjet machine! We decided to invest in a new waterjet for many reasons. Let's take a closer look into why we made this decision. 

  1. Investing in You is Easy:  Doubling capacity for any of our services is, well, exciting!  With that being said, we added another waterjet so we can continue to provide you with the service you have come to rely on. We explain here what capacity means to us and in turn what it means for you. Go take a look after you're finished reading this post of course. 
  2. Commitment To Our Clients and Lead Time: You can continue to have the utmost confidence in the lead time we provide to you. By adding another waterjet, this bodes very well for our production schedule for foam-based projects. The technology a waterjet has versus die-cutting also provides yet another positive. The 5 axis/3 axis waterjet technology alone decreases the time for project completion which in turn assists us in meeting your needs.
  3. Waterjet Cutting Gives You What Die Cutting Can't: We are going to elaborate on this very simply - waterjet precision cut foam will always provide superior results versus die-cutting. Another pertinent point to this is that there are definitely some custom designs for foam-based projects that cannot be die cut. Not only can the waterjet produce intricate designs it can do this consistently. 
  4. Waterjet Precision Cut Foam = Maximum Yield: Maximum material use. That statement explains why waterjet precision cut foam produces maximum yield. The nesting capability allows for maximum yield.
  5. Precision Cut Foam Fits Your Meticulously Designed Part: You work hard to design your product - it is our job to protect it. We want to ensure that it arrives at its destination as you intended. The capabilities of the waterjet machine accommodate the uniqueness of your product. 
  6. Custom Engineered For Precise Protection: Based on what we just mentioned in number five above, it is imperative that we have engineers to custom design your returnable packaging. 

To end this blog post we want you to know the following very important things: 

  1. Our waterjet machine has arrived.
  2. The Amatech team is ready for your next project.
  3. We invested in our capacity in order to support yours.
  4. We will continue to move solutions forward for you. Let's move forward together. 

Visit our waterjet precision cut foam page to learn how this material could benefit your returnable packaging program. If you have questions, visit our contact page. You can call us - email us, chat, ask a question or request a quote! 


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