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Perfect cutting for a perfect fit Amatech is proud to offer waterjet cutting abilities for packaging purposes. We know our customers need the intricacy and precision a waterjet can provide. Water jets are capable of attaining accuracy down to 0.005 inches (0.13 mm) . The nesting of your product in our custom designed package will ensure a smooth, secure transit. Efficient nesting software is used to maximize material yields, lowering your cost. At pressures up to 60,000 psi, we can ensure your foam is cut precisely to meet your exact specifications. 5 Axis Customized Packaging Facts 5 axis cutting has the ability to cut complex three dimensional shapes to fit any product. It has a multidirectional cutting capacity. No heat is produced, which ensures that the material’s properties that are being cut aren’t altered. Cuts can be started at any location without the need for predrilled holes. Simple fixturing eliminates costly and complicated tooling, which reduces turnaround time and lowers…
Green and Clean for Over 20 YearsSociety is becoming more environmentally conscious with an increased emphasis on preserving, protecting and sustaining the environment. Sustainability has become more than just a green buzzword; it’s now a movement. Amatech has been at the forefront of the environmental benefits of using returnable, reusable packaging since the company was founded in 1990. Owner and creator of Amatech, Dave Amantangelo, believed in prolonging the life cycle of a box on an environmentally, economic and financial level for customers. One tree makes 100 boxes and usually those boxes are tossed out after one use due to poor durability. Amatech’s Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) have the ability to be used for multiple uses and that’s what Amatech has done for its customers.Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!Reducing environmental waste means looking for ways to reduce material used in our products, reusing products whenever possible, and recycling when the product’s useful life is over. The lifecycle of Amatech’s RPCs contributes to…
Amatech is using polyurea coating on foam packaging to create membranes on dunnage that protect its components. This is ideal for the products that require extra cushioning for a delicate, expensive product. We understand that our customer needs exceptional packaging so that products arrive as expected, right from one assembly line to the next. Polyurea provides impressive protection from water, scratches and a bumpy ride to its destination. What is Polyurea? Polyurea is a durable substitute to plastisol dips. Almost no coating can compare to polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties. Polyurea can be formulated to achieve a tremendous range of properties — from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft, all based on how the material is formulated and correctly applied. Why is Polyurea becoming popular in the packaging industry? Waterproof Abrasion Resistant Does not crack Does not lose its physical properties Adds durability to cross link foams Slows down the color fading process for UV stable…

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The central focus of our business is our customer. We are consistent by honing our process to revolve around their needs, expectations and vision. Innovation, customization, and adaptability is the formula we use to provide satisfaction to each customer year over year.

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