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Profit Margin Evaluation - When was the last time you evaluated packaging costs? Are you currently seeking a new way to save some money on the packaging phase of your supply chain? Now is the perfect time to look into new applications. As logistical systems evolve and become better organized, they create new opportunities for using packaging innovations to add value and minimize cost across a supply chain. Reusable packaging is one of those modernizations and is becoming the most cost-effective choice for an increasing number of applications. Our clients are reducing costs by conducting value studies of materials to minimize overall costs. Applying environmental considerations into key material management decisions can help improve operating efficiency. By taking a strategic approach to purchasing by integrating reusable packaging, some companies are significantly improving both their profit margins and environmental profile. Disposal costs alone could be consuming your profit without even realizing it. Disposal of materials represent a large share of operating expenses and is…
What is a laminate option and how is it applied?  Well, we have several to choose from with a tried and true application process called Rolled Edge Technology. This process ensures products for all the industries we serve, remain blemish free. In work in progress applications (WIP), laminate provides a dual purpose.  Protection for both the part and the operator's hands. Without a laminate, the plastic corrugated divider can be VERY sharp. When the operator is taking the part out of the packaging on the assembly line, the laminate protects them from potential injury. In the case of shipping a Class A part, a part that cannot be scratched or marred, it will provide premium protection during the rigors of transport from point A to point B. Not only does it provide protection, rolled edge laminate applications have many benefits. We will take some time to go over those in this post.  Our innovative rolled-edge technology can be used with…
  Amatech's history stretches back over 20 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing returnable packaging. As time has gone on, we continue to grow and evolve with the times. The goal in mind is to be as progressive as possible. Not only with our engineering, design and manufacturing practices but also with how we communicate with you.  Our website is a very important piece of this. We kept you, our customer, at the forefront of our minds in the planning, design and development stage when we created our new site.  Today we are launching a new fully responsive site. Built and designed on a platform that provides robust features, our new site will now be a living and breathing resource. We wanted it not only to be visually appealing and easy to navigate; it had to be chock full of product information. We found it highly important to provide you with plenty of visuals and in-depth product information so you…

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