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We all know the impact the sensory approach has on a consumer during the purchasing journey. The five senses allow for the decision-making process to be a comprehensive experience. We bring this added value to your returnable packaging purchasing journey. The two senses we focus on are sight and touch. You need to be able to see and feel your sample for several reasons. Your team may want to test it in multiple different ways. Not just for fit and function but also for endurance purposes. Some have even performed crush tests on their prototypes. Also, customers frequently send us their existing containers for us to fit a prototype into before we even ship it to them.
Do you have a heavy part to ship? A Class A part to protect? Are you experiencing product damage when shipping your product? Is paper corrugated failing to meet the needs of your supply chain? Our dividers provide protection, durability, and long-lasting solutions to all of these issues. Let's take a closer look at all of our divider options.
What is a laminate and how is it applied?  Well, we have several to choose from with a tried and true application process called Rolled Edge Technology. This process ensures product safety for all the industries we serve. In work-in-progress applications (WIP), laminates provide a dual purpose. Protection for both the part and the operator's hands. Without a laminate, the plastic corrugated divider can be VERY sharp. When the operator is taking the part out of the packaging on the assembly line, the laminate protects them from potential injury. In the case of shipping a Class A part, a part that cannot be scratched or marred, it will provide premium protection during the rigors of transport from point A to point B. Not only does it provide protection, rolled edge laminate applications have many benefits. We will take some time to go over those in this post. 

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