Hot Rolled Edge Technology

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Hot Rolled Edge Technology 

Amatech is happy to now offer a new and innovative way to roll over and smooth the top edges of its divider panels making our packaging safer and more protective for our customer's product.

This heated process takes the rough edge of a plastic corrugated divider or pad panel, heats the edge and rolls it over to make a smooth, rounded surface edge.  This process can be integrated into most of our divider dunnage we produce.



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We use our common materials.

           Materials we can process
                   3mm PP Plastic Corrugated
                   4mm PP Plastic Corrugated
                   5mm PP Plastic Corrugated
                   6mm PP Plastic Corrugated
        8 & 10mm PP Plast Corrugated -- SOON!!
                   3mm+ PP TriLam Materials
                   5mm+ PP TriLam Materials
          10mm+ PP Trilam Materials -- SOON!!



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Advantages to our Rolled Edge

Our heat rolled edge makes our divider dunnage panels more durable and prevents splitting and fraying of edges.

This new innovative rolled edge makes for a smooth edge which is safer for your operators and give more protection to your product.

The heat rolled edge technology is competitive to others "sealed" edge products.

See the difference for yourself!




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