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Our Kongsberg XP44 CNC tables are built for prototyping and low run production. Both offering the versatility we need to make your returnable packaging project a success. There is no need for tooling, and with the diversification that our tables offer, we can produce your project or prototype with ease, speed, and accuracy. 

Versatility and Accuracy

Not only can the Kongsberg cut, score, and mill at high speeds, it also saves time and reduces waste with the ability to transfer CAD files to the table directly. Our tables eliminate the need for die cutting in most cases as well. They bring a high level of versatility with the capability to cut many materials, such as foam, plastic corrugated, and solid sheet HDPE


  • 48-72 hour turnaround
  • Provides fit and function for your product to ensure your returnable packaging is ready for full production
  • Dedicated Kongsberg table only for prototyping

Low Run Production: 

  • Fast and precise
  • Eliminate the need for die cutting and tooling costs in most cases 
  • Rapid turnaround

Specifications and Capabilities

  • Cutting surface area 87x126”OD
  • PP SHEET 2mm to 10mm
  • FOAM 0.0625” to 2” Thick 2# to 9#
  • Soft materials (foam, acrylic, wood/MDF and aluminum composite material) up to 2” thick. Non-coolant running materials.
  • High-speed Milling Unit 3kw, Router bit size 2mm to 8mm
  • Speed Up to 66 IPS
  • Blade Cutting thickness 2mm to 10mm
  • I-CUT VISION PRO” Software File imports: .AI, .DXF, .ARD, .ACM

  Kongsberg XP44 CNC Gallery 

  See the Kong in action!


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