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5 Ways to Product Protection

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When a client reaches out to their project managers, they have a product they need to protect. It is quite obviously our job to ensure that this happens - effectively and efficiently. In designing a returnable package for a customer, there are many factors that come into play. Our project managers need to take things like the weight of the part, whether the part has class A surfaces, how long the returnable packaging program is expected to be in place, and what the application might be. When we talk about applications, we are referring to how the returnable packaging will be utilized. For example, will it be used in a WIP (work in process) application or will the pack be in transit packed on a truck for shipment perhaps.  All of the above are just a few of the many things our project managers take into consideration prior to getting a quote prepared for review. Visit our project discovery form to see more. They need all of the pertinent information from our customers so at the end of the process they derived the right solution. Let's take a look at how a part could be packed based on a few different scenarios.  

bag system1. We have covered both WIP and Line Side Assembly applications on our blog. Head over to those posts for a refresher if you need to. Both of these applications refer to returnable packaging being utilized on the floor of a manufacturer. The first option we'll explore is packing the part in a bag set. What does this mean? We custom design our soft fabric dunnage systems for integration into totes, bulk containers and racks. They are strong, durable and collapsible. Not only might it conform to a part in a way that plastic corrugated might be limited, but it could also benefit internal logistics. This option may be chosen by the customer if it works more efficiently for the operator on the line. 




 2. bulkbinThe second option could be a divider in a bulk bin utilizing a dust cover if deemed it's needed. With this option - a high volume of parts can fit in one bulk bin this way the trailer load can be maximized. 







 2 Evalon rolled edge Divider final3. Another possible option would be a upad divider with evolon rolled edge technology and XLPE foam rails (not pictured, follow the link to see examples of our waterjet cut foam rails) could also be placed into an injection molded tote. 








tote with divider3 4. The previous option illustrates an injection molded tote, this fourth option shows that we can provide a solution with a custom tote made out of plastic corrugated without laminate or foam. Add stacking corners and handles and boom, this robust tote covers more needs of our customer's returnable packaging program.  An injection molded tote may not provide the density a customer might need. With a custom tote - we can design it to any size the customer requests. The standard size of an injection molded tote also may not fit the footprint of the space the customer has available. Also lending to this option being the best solution. 




foam with polyurea15. Last but not least, if the customer requires an immense amount of protection we could design the pack where polyurua coated waterjet cut foam rails with slots to fit the part. These can be inserted into an injection molded tote or a custom tote for that matter. Polyurea coating is a class A surface protectant, durable, water resistant and more.  Apply this to foam and the life of this pack could be extended, depending on the application.  The picture illustrates the polyurea coated foam rail itself on top and the foam rail without polyurea on the bottom. **What is Class A - we blogged about it - visit here to learn more.



With all of the possible solutions cited above as well as different scenarios taken into consideration; this speaks to the fact that we are a true custom job shop. There are no catalogs here for our project managers to refer to. Each client request is unique with its own set of parameters. Our project managers walk the entire returnable packaging journey with each of their clients. As you can see, there is clearly more than one path to product protection that the journey can take. The important thing to remember is there are many ways to pack a part but only one BEST solution for you and your product. 


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