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As the environment continues to change due to human impact, companies and businesses need to note how their efforts contribute to the damage being done. The New York Times notes how corporations often overlook their supply chains and product waste when discussing sustainability, even though these contribute up to 95% of their greenhouse gas emissions. If companies genuinely want to make a difference in their procedures, proper interventions need to take place so that their supply chains can cut down on emissions and waste. If you’re looking to incorporate sustainability in your supply chain, here are a few ways to start:
The fourth industrial revolution—better known as Industry 4.0—that we're currently experiencing is marked by digital transformation and technological advancements for increased efficiency. Included in the changes of this new industry is the enhancement of the supply chain. After all, the supply chain plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and service industries. A study from the University of Windsor emphasizes the importance of supply chain resilience to keep up with the changing economy. One vital change is the growing demand for sustainable packaging due to rising environmental concerns. Smarter supply chains are currently being developed to meet this development.
There are many different names for it – returnable, reusable, sustainable, etc. – but however you refer to it, reusable packaging is a superior way to protect your products and eliminate costs all around the supply chain within your company. It's durable and will last longer than cardboard. Depending on the care and use, customers can expect 100+ uses out of a reusable container. These sustainable shipping options come in the form of trays, containers, pallets, cases, and more. Characteristics of Corrugated Plastic: Tear resistant Easily takes the place of cardboard expendable packaging Easy to score, fold, drill, and stitch Fits right where cardboard containers have been used Resilient to impact and breakage Comes in a variety of in-stock colors Corrugated plastic serves as a middle ground between cardboard and wood in packaging systems. Corrugated plastic outperforms traditional cardboard packaging. More cost-effective on a cost-per-trip basis, studies have shown manufacturers can save up to 70% in costs when converting from…
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