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Why Amatech is Amazing. Featuring: Project Manager - Tony Amatangelo III

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In our last Why Amatech is Amazing post, we featured one of our Project Managers - Vince Campanelli.   We are going to feature all of our Project Managers - next up, Tony Amatangelo III.  They are technically our inside sales team but there is much more to their positions at Amatech than that. When you hear the words inside sales team - what does that really mean to you? Sales, is in fact, a small portion of what our team does on a daily basis. Our sales process does not include a catalog; all of what we design and manufacture is completely custom for each and every one of our customers. The sales team's process and knowledge base extend to project management. They are your Project Managers. They will be with you on your project's journey from your first call, first web inquiry, or first email; all of the way to the date your returnable packaging ships. Once you receive your returnable packaging - they follow up to ensure that it has met your expectations. We feel it is key that you have a reliable resource because we know how complex returnable packaging needs can be. Due to this fact, your Project Manager will be your one point of contact for all of your returnable packaging needs from your first project on. 

In the fifth of this series, Tony Amatangelo III who has been with us for almost 3 years and has excelled as a Project Manager in his time here, weighs in on why he thinks Amatech is Amazing. 

Q: How does our process get our customers the returnable packaging solutions that best fit their application?

A: It is so important, I believe, to first understand our process. And our process is a simple one; teamwork. Not only Amatech teamwork, but teamwork with the client. It is the most important thing to understand what the customer needs first, because so rarely are there “insert solution here” type jobs. We have to build a rapport with the customer to find out their needs versus wants, which enables us to manage expectations while also keeping the scope of the project in realistic terms. We have to fully understand the journey their product is taking, and all of the work the customer has put into getting that part finished and ready for the journey.

With that being said, the fact that the development of relationships is a large part of our process it truly lends to our customers getting the best solution possible. 

Q: What is the key message that you want to convey to your customers?

: There are two key messages I like to convey to my customer. First, for customers in general, I like to make sure they know I am here for them as their resource. I want them to come to me with everything. Even if it is a project that is not in our wheelhouse, I will do my best to point them in the right direction.  If the customer is unsure on how to proceed, they can just simply ask and I will help. It is important for them to understand, the only reason I am at my desk every day, is to help them to arrive at the proper solution. Secondly, when it comes to working on projects, I want my customers to understand this is their project and I am here to guide and facilitate. I gather all of the details needed so they will have what works best. Often customers will say “Just do what you think is best.” Unfortunately, I don’t know what works best for the end user’s facility or application, and this is why our process is so important. I must understand the needs of the customer before I can provide the correct solution.

: Why do you personally like working at Amatech?

A: Personally I enjoy working at Amatech, because it is a family owned and operated business, and in turn gives the culture of family within the office. This is extremely important because I believe being happy with where you are at work will translate to your relationships with your customers and they can feel that.



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