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Why Amatech is Amazing. Featuring: Vice President of Engineering - Rick Bittner

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In the third edition of this series, we are featuring, Rick Bittner. He has been with Amatech since 1996 and shares his insights on why he thinks Amatech is Amazing. 

Q: What makes us stand out from the rest? 

A: I'm going to echo my fellow team and say, the biggest thing that stands out is our service to all of our customers, large and small. A lot of companies produce our product, but it is our overall service to our customers that sets Amatech apart from its competitors. We try very hard to offer as many product options as possible, quick turnaround time on quotes, offer fast prototypes, and ship product on time. Our ability to connect with our customers, and the relationships that we have built with them, I believe are the reasons why they keep coming back to us.

Q: How will we sustain our values into the future? 

A: We will keep our current values in tact because we truly believe in them. These customer focused values have lead to the overall growth in our business. Our owner, my fellow managing partners, and all others down the line, I feel, are on the same page in terms of the values we hold close in order to conduct our business successfully. We always focus on our customers! Nothing happens for us unless we keep our customers happy. These values have grown our business for close to 30 years so there is no reason to change them moving forward.

Q: Why is working with Amatech a plus for distributors? 

A: The support we offer to our distributors to help them gain more business. We offer sales support, engineering and design, and project management. We have always worked with distributors and we are very loyal to those folks as we view them as valued customers.

Q: Why do you personally like working at Amatech? 

A: I have been with Amatech since 1996 and I still enjoy coming to work every day. Amatech has allowed me to grow as an Engineer into management and as a person in general. I personally enjoy working with everyone from the owner, my fellow managing partners, sales, engineering, and our associates on the production floor. I love to be a part of something that will evolve and grow into the future. It all starts at the top, as in the owner Dave Amatangelo, whom I respect and appreciate immensely as a boss and as a friend. He is in many ways like a second father to me and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me both professionally and personally. He has instilled the values we follow as a company in me and has taught me all of the good and the bad there is in the business world. I have always been given opportunities at Amatech to learn, grow, and promote myself and I believe we provide that same opportunity to all of our employees. Amatech cares about its employees as everyone is an important part of the business. I always say to people that I am very lucky to have the job I have and work for and with the people I do. I will always be grateful and appreciative to Amatech and the Amatangelo family.

 As you can see, Rick's perspective is in keeping with the other team members mentaility. The sucess of Amatech comes from keeping our customer #1 and staying true to our values. Stay tuned to hear more from our other team members! 


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