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Common Names: Suede, Brushed Suede, Faux Suede
Description: Suede laminated to PP sheets or used as seperators is another solution for parts who need additional abrasion protection for their class A packaging application.  This Suede material is great for protection between parts and/or layers of parts.
Uses: We use Suede to laminate to our plastic corrugated either 1 or 2 sides, rolled edge products and sewn bags and seperators.  Suede fabric is used to protect many surfaces including Class A and painted parts that need a softer surface.  We can use Brush Nylon on our divider, pads, carton and tote liners, and bag systems.
Physical Properties: Suede is a 100% polyester faux suede material that usually comes in a color of Brown (Toffee).

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