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Water Jet Cutting

Superior QualityBy comparison to die cutting, our water jet foam cutter is remarkably clean providing a superior surface that will protect your part.

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Class A Protection

Class A Protection for Your Class A Part We offer many options for dividers to provide you with top notch class A protection.

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Class A

Polyurea Coating

Impressive Protection Polyurea coating on foam packaging creates a membrane that protects your components. This is ideal for delicate products that require extra cushioning. Polyurea provides impressive protection from water, scratches and a bumpy ride to its destination.

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3D Printing Solutions

Modernize and transform conventional processes 3D printing allows engineers, designers, managers, and operators to check designs for usability, appearance, fit and function prior to committing to traditional processes. Providing efficiency, accuracy and trust in design.

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Moving Solutions Forward

Our solutions shine brighter than the rest. We focus on each individual need. So you have the smartest returnable packaging. We move missions forward by staying true to our own. It’s what we do.

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How We're Moving Solutions Forward

Generating the Best Solutions

Together, we'll generate the best returnable packaging solution. Our team is here for you. One more reason to choose Amatech - our team of experts will stand behind your project every step of the way. Explore some solutions now.






Our Team Gets to Work

When you put the call in, our team gets to work. Making sure the wheels are in motion for your returnable packaging. First, we discover what your needs are, a quote and a prototype are up next. Why are prototypes so important? We cover that here.





We Have the Roadmap

Need direction for your returnable packaging? Our team has the roadmap. Let us get you there. Not only do you have your singlular point of contact who will be there from the beginning to the finish line; our website provides you with resources to help you get to your returnable destination too. Want to learn more about the returnable packaging industry? Visit our blog. Are you curious about the ROI on your returnable packaging investment? Use our savings calculator. We are your returnable packaging resource. 




Reliable Packaging - A 10,000 Mile Journey

The longevity of your returnable packaging is just one of the many benefits your investment will provide. One of our long time satisfied customer's returnable packs went on a journey of 10,000 miles. And it's not done yet. What returnable packaging is right for you? 

We'll Get You To The Right Destination

Stay with us on the road to returnable packaging. We'll get your project started and stay with you through the entire packaging journey. Learn about our sales process and more here

Your Packaging Journey is #1

From inception to completion, we'll take the journey together. Once our journey ends, your returnable packaging will be ready to take your product on many, many more. 

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Industries Served

As a returnable packaging manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and our ability to accommodate to our clients' needs. We understand that every industry has unique needs that must be considered when designing packaging products for them. Our engineers often surpass our clients' expectations by designing packaging products that do a better job of meeting their needs than they thought possible. Our high-quality, cost-saving returnable packaging products have set the standard for industries that require a high level of dependability and safety during shipping and storage. Industries with high value, delicate products such as medicine and electronics depend on us because we design with consideration for their needs.

Our Vision

Amatech, Inc. will continue to build long term financial stability through growth in diversified markets, innovative products, and operational excellence with continuing commitment to our customers and employees.

Our Mission

The central focus of our business is our customer. We are consistent by honing our process to revolve around their needs, expectations and vision. Innovation, customization, and adaptability is the formula we use to provide satisfaction to each customer year over year.

Amatech Gets Involved

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