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Project: Cross Laminated Plastic Corrugated Pads

This project was done for a customer who makes custom roller bearing parts.

Materials used: 1 - 10mm thick die cut pad, cross laminated so the flutes are running opposite of the die cut 6 mm pad. Both pads are then heat welded together. The pads are heat welded instead of glue or pressure sensitive adhesive so the oil from the parts cannot get in between the pads and cause them to separate.


Project: Plastic Corrugated Pad with Foam Rails

This project was done for a customer who makes trim parts for Honda. You can see how the waterjet cut foam fits the part precisely.

Material used: Die-cut 4mm layer pad with hand cutouts and 3 -4# XLPE waterjet cut foam rails that are glued and zip tied to the pad. Three of these pads will go into a custom-made tote.


Project: Waterjet Cut Foam Pad

This project was done for a customer that manufactures semiconductors.

Materials used: 4# XLPE cross-link foam that was precision cut on our waterjet foam cutter. The complete unit consists of three layers and fits perfectly into the customer's tool case.


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