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Common Names: Tyvek
Description: Tyvek is a woven material that has a slick, non-abrasive, smooth surface that is great when parts and product slide on the tyvek unlike other laminates that have a rougher surface that can scratch or mar product surfaces.
Uses: We use Tyvek to laminate to our plastic corrugated either 1 or 2 sides and/or our rolled edge products.Tyvek is used to protect many surfaces including Class A, painted, and leathered surfaces. We use Tyvek on our divider, pads, carton and tote liners, and bag systems.
Physical Properties: Tyvek is made from 100% polyethylene fibers that are spun weaved together for make a surface that is Non-linting, Non-dusting, and mildew proof.Tyvek® brand materials are inherently water resistant, inert to most organic and inorganic chemicals and stand up to mishandling and abuse. Tyvek is availble in White.

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