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Common Names: Evolon, Evalon
Description: Evolon microfilament textiles are adapted for packaging sensitive parts. It has an extremely soft and smooth surface that avoids micro-scratches or texture transfer. Evolon is extremely strong and does not scratch or fray under normal conditions.
Uses: We use Evolon to laminate our plastic corrugated either 1 or 2 sides and/or our rolled edge products. Evolon is used to protect many surfaces including Class A, painted, or clear lenses that cannot have any dust or particulate from common laminates. We can use Evolon on our divider, pads, carton and tote liners, and bag systems.
Physical Properties: Evolon is a non-woven microfiber that is made up of endless bi-component filaments, uniformly laid on a belt, then simultaneously split into microfilaments and entangled using high-pressure water jets. Evolon is fiber, lint, and scratch-free. Available in gray.

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