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RSC Boxes

1 Standard RSC BoxAll flaps have the same length, and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container’s width, so that they meet at the center of the box when folded. If the product requires a flat, even bottom surface, or the protection of two full layers, a fill-in pad can be placed between the two inner flaps.


Returnable Packaging

The Returnable Packaging Association (RPA) defines ‘returnable packaging’ as packaging which includes “…reusable pallets, racks, bulk containers, hand-held containers and dunnage that move product efficiently and safely throughout the supply chain.


Prototype: We provide a sample of the customer's vision so the design can be perfected for the intended use by the end user. 


Polyurea Coated Waterjet Cut FoamPolyurea is a durable substitute to plastisol dips. Almost no coating can compare to polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties. Polyurea can be formulated to achieve a tremendous range of properties — from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft, all based on how the material is formulated and correctly applied.

Logistics Loop (Closed Loop System)

A regular circuit between a shipment location and a delivery location. Once this circuit is identified, returnable packaging enables a considerable reduction in expenditure and an improvement in short or medium-term profitability.


Black HDPE DividerHigh density polyethylene (HDPE) is a strong, durable, lightweight, and chemically resistant plastic material popular for a variety of applications.


Dividers, foam, bags - basically, anthing that is inserted into packaging to protect and secure the content. 

Divider - Plastic Corr

Divider with all cells and top edges covered with Class A (sensitive) surface material. Evolon Laminate

Divider - Fabric

3 Fabric Divider for a ToteThis flexible divider in custom designed for a molded handheld tote to package curved trim parts. The soft fabric works well with the protection of class A surfaces. This fabric divider is attached to the tote with velcro

Class A Part

Commonly used term in the automotive industry - however, it refers to a delicate, sensitive or showpiece part that cannot be scratched or marred through shipping or in work in progress (WIP) applications. 

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