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Why Amatech is Amazing. Featuring: Director of Business Development - Jason Amatangelo

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Next up to share his thoughts on why he thinks Amatech is Amazing is Jason Amatangelo, our Director of Business Development. He has been with Amatech since its humble beginnings - which began like many great companies - in a basement. While the other management members echo one another on some of our attributes, like our notable customer service - Jason answers his questions from a different angle. 

Q: What makes us stand out from the rest? 

A: The first thing that comes to mind is, here at Amatech all we do is returnable packaging. We aren’t a company that also runs paper corrugated or switched over to returnables to fill a void in sales. This is how we started and this is how we will continue. This gives us an edge over other organizations because we are set up to efficiently design, quote, and run production specifically for custom plastic packaging. This focus is echoed throughout our entire process. Our inside sales team understands the nuances of returnable packaging and this shows through with our top notch customer service. They can show the customer the best approach to implement a returnable system. Our engineering team knows the right components to add to a design for the most cost-effective design. In our over 20 years’ experience, we have learned that packaging is the last piece of the puzzle and often overlooked. Amatech’s production team knows hardships this can cause, and with our superior customer service, we have many tools to smooth out for our customers and make them look like heroes!

Q: How will we sustain our values into the future? 

A: We will not only sustain our values into the future, but our values will evolve with the progression of our industry. Being a custom job shop you need to always be maneuverable and not afraid of change. Every customer has their own specific needs and we will always do everything possible to fulfill those needs. With each job, we run we learn a new aspect of the customers' needs. We will always value that and try our best to make them look like a “Rock Star”!

Q: Why is working with Amatech a plus for distributors? 

A: Amatech got its start working with Distributors and this is how Amatech took its first breath. We won’t forget this part of our history and will continues to grow this branch of our business.   We have a lot of educational materials, resources to help resellers be successful out in the field.

Q: Why do you personally like working at Amatech? 

A: I have been working for Amatech since it was in the Garage of our house. I remember coming off the bus and having guys building packaging lined up on tables. We would also have the neighbors complaining about trucks coming into the subdivision to make deliveries and pick-ups. So, it’s in my blood. I enjoy seeing this industry grow over the years and more companies learn how they can save money by using returnable packaging. I like working for Amatech because it is an ever changing position. We work in so many industries, we get to learn how these places make a product, and how our packaging can help them in every aspect of their production. Plus we are saving the environment every day!

 Jason's perspective talks about moving with the times, evolving and staying ahead of the curve - so we can continue to move solutions forward. This will only help move our customer's missions forward. As Jason is the next generation - he knows we will stay true to our values much like his fellow management members - but sheds light on the fact, that we need to always expand our lens to serve our customers as they move into the future.  Some members from our sales team are up next - so keep an eye on this series! 


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