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Design->Purchasing->Work-In-Process->Warehousing->Shipping->Distribution/Retailer Getting Started When transitioning to reusable packaging, collaborating with one of Amatech’s experienced project managers will make for an easy process. First, we'll start with an in-depth analysis of the supply chain and proof of how the packaging will translate into measurable efficiencies. From there, the design of your ideal package will come to light and a prototype will be produced for further consideration. Then, finally, the implantation of the reusable packaging program into your supply chain begins. Amatech is always looking for new ways to improve optimization, just like your company is, and we will continue to check back with new innovative packaging that might apply to your company! Plastic reusable packaging safely and efficiently move products along different points of the supply chain to their ultimate destination. Supply chain executives cite operational efficiency as their top priority which can be achieved with an organized, well-planned reusable, returnable packaging program. From supplier to retail aspects, packaging is of…
What is Line-Side Assembly?  Definition: A series of workers and machines in a factory by which a succession of identical items are progressively assembled. Where does returnable packaging come in? It could be integrated throughout the entire process. All of our products can be utilized on an assembly line. Whether it's a kitting pack, steel rack, container with a divider, or any of our other items, returnable packaging helps facilitate efficiency, lessens waste, accommodates ergonomics, and can be custom fit for the facility's footprint. There are two parts to line-side assembly regarding returnable packaging. The returnable packaging is sent to the supplier so the pack can be filled with the part for assembly or it goes straight to the manufacturer to be filled.
We all know the impact the sensory approach has on a consumer during the purchasing journey. The five senses allow for the decision-making process to be a comprehensive experience. We bring this added value to your returnable packaging purchasing journey. The two senses we focus on are sight and touch. You need to be able to see and feel your sample for several reasons. Your team may want to test it in multiple different ways. Not just for fit and function but also for endurance purposes. Some have even performed crush tests on their prototypes. Also, customers frequently send us their existing containers for us to fit a prototype into before we even ship it to them.

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Innovation plus adaptability is the formula we use to provide continued satisfaction to every customer. That is the central focus of our business. 

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