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Prototypes: Why Are They So Important To You?

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We all know the impact the sensory approach has on a consumer during the purchasing journey. The five senses allow for the decision making process to be a comprehensive experience. We bring this added value to your returnable packaging purchasing journey. The two senses we focus on are sight and touch. It is truly essential for you to be able to see and feel your sample for a myriad of reasons. Your team may want to test it multiple different ways for example. Not just for fit and function but also for endurance purposes. Some customers have even performed crush tests on their prototypes. Another primary reason prototypes are highly important is we have a keen awareness that purchasing returnable packaging is an investment on your part. We want you to have the peace of mind that when your project goes to full production - that the returnable package you need is manufactured to spec. We WANT you to have a sample, in fact, we almost insist upon it. Prototypes also give you the opportunity to add value or adjust the design if it isn't serving your purpose properly. During the testing phase you may realize your returnable packaging needs an extra protection feature like a laminate option or waterjet cut foam perhaps. When placing your part in the returnable package prototype, gravity may take over and cause an unforseen fit or function issue. With all of this being said, if you decide that a change needs to be made - all you need to do is call your sales engineer and our engineering team will adjust the design. If a major change is applied, a brand new prototype will be on its way. Once your protoype is as you see fit - you then provide the ok and the journey continues from there to the production phase. 

Our staff will work with you to identify and design the best product for your environment in the most cost effective way.  We have a dedicated Prototyping department so your sample is designed, created and shipped quickly.  

See below some recent protoypes that were provided to some of our satisfied customers. 




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