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Did you know that one returnable box could replace over 100 cardboard boxes? Not only can we help a company reduce their carbon footprint, returnables can also keep the production lines clean. During Amatech’s design process, we take in account the lines that the packaging is being used. Just like how you figure out a line process, the packaging can be part of the time process. With returnable packaging you can eliminate not only all the cardboard but also any protective films or plastic bags that you would have to just put in the dumpster. Returnables can be a big part of cost savings and help everyone keep a clean line and work space environment. Cardboard is not only environmentally unhealthy but also can be a harbor of mold! Mold is known to cause respiratory problems, common allergic reaction symptoms, nervous-system disorders and depression. For those that are sensitive to molds, it can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye…
3D Printing in a Nutshell Amatech has a large format 3D printer available in our prototype department. After some research, we’ve learned our customers expect the best when choosing us as their returnable packaging provider. We currently have in-house the 3D System 3600 printer which allows us to print from any electronic data file.  We know that getting your hands on a part for packaging can be a challenge. That’s why Amatech has invested in a 3D printer. When we build your package prototype, we can ship the printed part with the sample. This will ensure the packaging will work for your products. Amatech still offers full virtual package design in our CAD software. This is typically the first step in the process. We can bring in the part data and design a model with your part in the cell to see the packing density and any other critical revisions that might be needed. 3D printing is the newest revolutionary…
ERIE, PA — The Woodbridge Group has awarded their 2015 Supplier Quality Award to Amatech, Inc. The Supplier Quality award honors those who have gone above and beyond the general supplier standards requirements for automotive production and relevant service part organizations by recognizing suppliers for excellence in service, delivery and quality. The award was bestowed to Amatech, Inc. in Erie this past spring. The Woodbridge Group works with the automotive, commercial, military, and recreational vehicle industries, offering innovative urethane and particle foam technologies. With over 60 facilities in 17 countries around the world, logistics plays a big part in The Woodbridge Group’s business. For over a decade Amatech, Inc. has been working with The Woodbridge Group to provide the highest standard of quality in the automotive foam industry. For more information about The Woodbridge Group’s Supplier Quality Awards, please visit  About Amatech, Inc. Amatech offers over two decades of experience in the design and fabrication of durable, reusable, high-quality…

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Amatech, Inc. will continue to build long term financial stability through growth in diversified markets, innovative products, and operational excellence with continuing commitment to our customers and employees.

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The central focus of our business is our customer. We are consistent by honing our process to revolve around their needs, expectations and vision. Innovation, customization, and adaptability is the formula we use to provide satisfaction to each customer year over year.

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